About me

My name is Daniel Matos Fernandes, born on November 3, 1980 in Porto. From an early age, which areas with music, painting and photography served as a refuge in this my simple way of being, sometimes in conflict with the energetic and acute personality. My training area has always been focused on electronics, working as a technician in several multinational companies, providing several trips to different people all over the world, providing a broad view of different societies, customs, sounds and images.

It was in 2012 that I decided to start several training courses in photography, concluding in 2016 the professional course at the Portuguese Institute of Photography. Since then I worked as a freelance photographer. I specialized in the areas of architecture / real estate, product and food photography. Working with several extremely demanding international clients. I try in each image to enter the imaginary of those who look at it, and provoke the desire to have what they see. This is what is expected of a photographer in the commercial area, right?

I look forward to your contact request.